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MIUI Multilang leader, Male, from Košice - SLOVAKIA

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[On Tapatalk]Viewing thread [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly], Nov 28, 2015 at 3:40 PM
    1. Belfy
      Good afternoon. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for your work.
      I wanted to ask whether it is possible to make a full translation into Hebrew and firmware important in Arabic. Hebrew 7 firmware somewhere in the 90% where Arabic is 40%. Is it possible to improve both the poor translation and languages in a single firmware
      For models mi4, mi4i, redmi2 (17082014), redmi note2
    2. weihong
      HI! I cant download the ,because my girlfriend's mother have the HM NOTE 1LTE,and she is Thai.Can you tell me which one have Thai and how to download?Thank you!
    3. rere4444
      i delet miui v7 ,i return to v5 redmi 1s french version ,and fuck you ingbrzy
    4. rere4444
      please activate video rotation on miui v7 Redmi 1s
      1. rere4444
        you can do that ? please respond...
        Oct 21, 2015
    5. trungmanhvbhp
    6. Loko75
      thanks friend for all the work they do.
      I have 5 terminals with xiaomi miui stable in Italian.
      if it were not for you I would be ruined. :)
      Thanks again.

      and also thanks to the team for localization.
    7. rere4444
      hello dear ingbrzy , can you activate the rotation of videos in miui v7 multi for redmi 1s

      the videos is always displayed in full screen ,dont want to rotate ,thank you to fix that pliiiiiiiz

      thanks you for your nice work.
    8. The Funk Spunk
    9. Filipe Monteiro
      Filipe Monteiro
      Hello! My devic(redmi note 2 prime) came with the following rom:
      But (i don't know why) my antutu score in performance mode is only 44k... a bit strange.. And my facebook contacts don't sync with my phone numbers... Can you help me?
    10. angelo76
      Good morning i want to inform you that also the 5.9.24 rom 2014813 has an important bug: when i tap the menu of the security app it go to crash(only with italian language, in english don't crash..........but i'm italian.....)
      Sorry for my bad english
    11. Titouan Le Floch Riche
      Titouan Le Floch Riche
      Hi Ingbrzy, I've seen in a post that I can download the original developer ROM at :
      But I can't download it, it failed everytime. So is there another source to download it, the same ? Because I can't use any other, I need the chinese one.

      Thanks !
    12. Last Survivor
      Last Survivor
    13. Eleni
      Since yesterday, the update on my Xiaomi m2s multilang aries, on my home screen appears after every restart a sound - Dolby widget, with on/off button. This widget is non functional and it removes my sense analog clock.
      I also would love to get the function back to chose icons apart from the themes, this existed in miui v5.
      Anyway, thanks for all the good work!
    14. Gregory Kleschenok
      Gregory Kleschenok
      Hi, tell me please what the program you use for recompile MIUI 7? Jbart not working with MIUI 7, errors....
      1. alex93917 likes this.
      2. alex93917
        Yeah ... I want to know too :)
        Aug 24, 2015
    15. jama687
      ingbrzy, thank you for your hard work, I really appreciate the rom that you and your team bring to us each week. :)
    16. fhinix
      Sir i have a question regarding cerberus that you use.
      i have a mi4i + android version5.0.2 LRX22G + MIUI version

      i have installed it and hidden the app and now it will not appear.
      can you please assist me on how to uninstall the app from my mi4i please.
      please guide me.

      thank you
    17. MiTaxi
      Hello. A friend of mine has bought a redmi 2. Which stable rom should he install? Many thanks
    18. Tagpi
      HI. May I know if I can upgrade my Redmi Note Pro to MUI V6. Thanks.
    19. Tarandeep
      hey i am getting some problem with my xiaomi mi4i can you please help me with that
      Actually I assigned contact photos but when I am calling the photos are blurry they are not clear. But on incoming call they are clear.
    20. kiddy
      what is the last update for redmi 1 (not s), please?
      as i noticed on hongmi 1 page, the china variant has miui V6 download link, but for the global version only V5 link available.
      i'd like to flash the V6, evidently. is it possible by any chance?
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