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MIUI Multilang leader, Male, from Košice - SLOVAKIA

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    1. JensDev
    2. Lee Frederickscii
      Lee Frederickscii
      With Guard mode enabled, anyone can still access your photos through the camera. Please address this.
    3. fermateus
      Checked Portuguese MIUIv5 (pt) repository on 04-07-2014 18:34:35
      No errors found in this repository!
    4. fermateus
    5. superino
      Hi, I have a Red Rice, taday flash port version v12, inside there is all language but no italian, can I add?
    6. Kees Podt
      Kees Podt
      Hongmi problem with twrp. In the orange recovery I install the twrp zip sucessfully. I reboot sucessfully. When I enter into recovery for the second time, I expected TWRP, but unfortunately I am back in the orange recovery. I finally fixed this issue by installing another twrp recovery. This one installs correctly.
    7. mohdjabbar
      I Have a problem with my mi2s phone .... the callers id no showing in recent call.
      can you help me to fix it the problem
    8. iuri branquinho cristino
      iuri branquinho cristino
      I need a rom for (motorola mb525) can help me? multi language
    9. irooni
      HI master .. i have hongmi wcdma phone with Multilanguage ( 4.2.2 JHBCNAH1.0 - with viber and GO keyboard and some aplications ) ... I want my phone back to EN/CN Stock factory default ( like New buyer of Hongmi phone from factory ) and stable rom and i dont know how to do that without any problem . PLz Help me if u can ... I pray for you :)
    10. frizal07
      Heyy .. I want ask about ota update on my gnex .. Now has been release miui 3.12.27 . . but why i not yet have confirm for update from ota ?? I download gnex for multilang
    11. Artiom
      Thank you for updating MIUI. But when I try to write something in Czech, it doesn't suggest me Czech words (for example suggestions of russian words works very good). So, is it a problem in my device (Mi2S) or update? :)
    12. asimple
      Hello, i've saw that you have the 3.9.20 for hongmi (multilang) now the link is not working, where can i download the 3.9.20 ?
    13. yEmreozc
      Huawei Ascend P1 unofficial rom ? Turkish rom ?
    14. HoangTuBot
      Hey, do you keep lastest multilang ROM for MI1?
    15. Noets
      just posted something in the dutch language section.But I don't know if it's a language bug or a common bug.

      Got a call today with DND-mode active. The call had a "private number" so definitely not from the whitelist...

      Hope this is useful for u guys.
      Keep up the great work!!!

      1. Kees Podt likes this.
    16. nightwing90
      Good day sir,
      i am new to MIUI. flashed version 3.8.29 with gapps 4.1 yesterday and liked it. but all i need to know that is Sudden death issue is fixed in the version 3.8.29?? My device is galaxy s3. or i need to flash any different kernel like Siyah?? If yes could u name the custom kernel that works for Galaxy S3 MIUI

      Thanks and hoping an urgent reply..
    17. alex93917
      Multi-Lang pack have problem for Chinese users. For my port, I have to make 2 releases.
      One for Chinese Users without Multi-Lang
      One for other users with Multi-Lang.

      Chinese have FC of Phone. I think problem is in framework-miui-res.apk, Can you watch that ? I use Galaxy S release.
    18. Georgi Stoyanov
      Georgi Stoyanov
      I have tried to upgrade it via fastboot. I have converted the zip file into img using dd command under Linux, installed the workaround for adb and tried to perform it but it gets me "FAILED (remote: partition table doesn't exist)"
    19. Georgi Stoyanov
      Georgi Stoyanov
      Hey mate, could you tell me how can I update the radio firmware on my Xiaomi M2A. I have downloaded the 3.2.8 version from the thread and renamed it to I have tried to install it using the stock recovery but after the upload it gave me an error message. I also tried to do it using the updater app, but after reboot it hangs on the boot logo.
    20. Ruben Luma-ang
      Ruben Luma-ang
      Gud day sir.. I would just want to ask how stable is the recent version of MIUI for SGS2? I cant find any threads about sgs2 MIUI nowadays.. I am still on MIUI ICS & would want to switch to the newest version if the JB version is way better than the older MIUI ICS.. any answer would be great help sir.. Thanks :)
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    MIUIAndroid Multilang Project Leader
    MIUI CZECH & SLOVAK Developer & Translator

    Xiaomi Mi3 16GB WCDMA, Xiaomi Mi2 16GB, Xiaomi Hongmi WCDMA
    Twitter: @ingbrzy, @MIUIslovak, @MIUIczech


    Home page:
    Košice - SLOVAKIA