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    Status: Done



    For first installation of Mi2S v6 Android 5.0
    - You have to be on latest 4.12.5 MIUIv5 or 5.3.27 MIUIv6 Special Edition
    - Then install our multilang via Updater app like usually
    - Wipe all user data in recovery or via settings highly recommended!

    For first installation of Mi2A v6 SPECIAL EDITION
    - Install v6 via MiFlash (flash_all) - image
    - Then install our multilang via Updater app like usually

    Xiaomi Redmi Series:
    - Xiaomi Redmi 2 4G LTE

    • Multilang for HM2014811 model (China Unicom/Telecom variants)
    • Multilang for HM2014813 model (TD or 2GB RAM version)
    - Xiaomi Hongmi/Redmi NOT 1S (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    - Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    - Xiaomi Redmi Note (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE (Doesn't have weekly MIUIv5 releases):


    Xiaomi devices:
    • Install via OTA or Updater app
    Other OFFICIAL devices:
    • Install via OTA or Download and flash Multilang
    • REBOOT
    Other UNOFFICIAL devices and PORTS:
    • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
    • REBOOT
    • Follow XML changes in Source v5 repo here and v6 here
    • Our translation guide is here
    • Check for errors in your repo here
    Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger!
    Language included in MIUIv6:

    • All credits to @Roeano for T9 dialer mod - any issue or request report here
    • MIUI Changelog + See CHANGELOG for your language...
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  3. ingbrzy

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    CHANGELOG MIUIv6 5.5.22

    New - Alarm clock settings can be restored from Mi Cloud when switching to new devices (05-20)
    New - Added video album to help manage all videos on your device (05-21)

    Fix - Charging notification light did not work (05-21)

    Fix - Lagging/FC errors when importing or deleting SIM card contacts (05-21)
    Fix - FC error caused by using single quotation marks when searching (05-21)

    Fix - MiBand 'Vibrate for notifications' feature did not work after receiving a MMS (05-20)
    Fix - Messaging app would stop responding if there were too many receipts when sending group messages (05-20)

    [Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
    New - Added hotspot icon in status bar when portable hotspot is enabled (05-19)
    New - Added charging icon in status bar (05-19)
    Optimization - Optimized status bar icons' color contrast (05-20)

    Fix - No response after booting up for some Redmi devices (05-20)

    New - Added video album to help manage all videos on your device (05-21)
    Optimization - Loading speed when opening large images in cloud albums (05-21)
    Optimization - Reduced RAM usage when viewing large images (05-21)
    Optimization - Enhanced speed of entering Gallery from Camera (05-21)
    Optimization - Enhanced smoothness when scrolling in front page (05-21)
    Optimization - Loading speed of Offline page (05-21)
    Optimization - Modified setting password icon in secret album page (05-21)
    Fix - Random FC errors when viewing images in start page (05-19)
    Fix - Layout error when choosing several images to add to cloud albums (Mi Note) (05-21)
    Fix - Gallery had a high CPU occupancy after booting up (05-21)
    Fix - Sometimes, deleting offline albums caused FC error (05-21)

    Fix - Sometimes, weather animations displayed abnormally (05-19)

    New - Added transition animation when connecting WiFi (05-21)
    Fix - Sometimes, incorrect WiFi password prompt did not show after a long time (05-21)

    [File Explorer]
    Fix - Lagging issue when loading thumbnails (05-21)

    [Clock / Calculator]
    Fix - UI display error when using large font (05-19)

    [Mi Cloud]
    New - Alarm clock settings can be restored from Mi Cloud when switching to new devices (05-19)
    Optimization - Optimized Mi Cloud settings page (05-19)

    Those camera features are available only on SoC Snapdragon 80x series, so sorry for Redmi devices and Mi2/S...
    Xiaomi Mi3W/4W Camera changes:
    - HDR Video
    - Automatic night scene recognition
    - Slow Motion 720p
    - UbiFocus
    - Action camera object tracking
    - Chromaflash
    - Gradienter
    - Peaking focus
    - Shutter speed up to 32s (Mi4W)

    UbiFocus + ChromaFlash

    Focus Peaking

    Object tracking
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    Cool update. Great update for the mi3 camera
  5. csizmaSKAndur

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    Shutter speed up to 32s
    Is it work with mi3?
  6. Ravi Ranjan

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    Are all those camera changes for Mi3 W/MI4 W included in 5.5.22 ROM?? Feeling excited..
  7. Alvanosa

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    When is the resetting SIM going to be adressed?
  8. Koldo

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    Interesting camera update
    Good update, Thanks
  9. BillyBoy

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    Anyone with a Redmi 2, specifically the 2014813 2GB RAM model.

    Can you please test to see if you can change the multitasking view between the icon view and the actual view of the app running.

    Normally you can do this by pinching out on the multitasking screen. But I can't get it to work at all. I have tried Stable and 5.5.15.

    It is strange because on Redmi 2 2014811 8GB model it works fine. I can change the multitasking view.
  10. Alvanosa

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    I am on 5.5.15 and for me this works perfectly on the 2014813 Redmi 2 2GB RAM model.
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  11. Juanbi

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    Thanks one week more!
  12. tonirai

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    Works perfectly on mine too (be sure to pinch one finger above, the other below the icon displayed).

    Any of you can test what I wrote on the previous rom, about battery profiles not switching when battery is below a certain level? (I have a "low battery" profile, without vibration, sound, etc, that should kick in below 15% - it worked before, but isn't working now on 5.5.15).
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    hello plis estable redmi note 4g gucci 5.2.0 multi??
  14. djbosanac

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    witch update i can use for MI NOTE PRO 4GB???
    please give me some information!
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    Hi, will it be a stable release for Hongmi (V6)? If so, when can we expect it?
  16. hendrat yuswito

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    Just flashed on mi4w, all working fine untill now! Just a question, where Ican find the new features of the camera like Action camera object tracking and Peaking focus? I can't find them!
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    Compass not working and again not show picture in Mail :)

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  20. kront75

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    for me not work: update-binary error again like 5.5.15

    Redmi Note 3G + recovery
  21. cicileo

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    Where is mi2a update on acid mirror?
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