Motorola Defy 2.3.4a Language pack needs correction

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by adi4motion, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. adi4motion

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    settings>system>battery settings> (check monitor power usage) >battery use
    in app bar (under notification bar) it sais:
    Consumed "Xm Xs uAh since unplugged"
    It should be "Xm Xs Since unplugged"
    because in the stable release it doesn't say how many uAh have been consumed but time since unplugged:)
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  3. MarkHUK

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    Will get it sorted out. Stable is based on a 1.6.x branch.
  4. adi4motion

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    oh, thanks...going back to beta:p i thought they are based on the same version:D

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