HTC ICS MIUI for Desire?

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by hypercaine90, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I guess there has been talks about this, but, I just wanted to ask, can we expect an ICS version of MIUI on Desire? I've read on XDA and similar forums that there is a problem for Nexus One, Desire and other phone sporting Adreno 200 GPU. So, any news on that?
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  3. AoOs

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    I'm wondering the same thing. :)
  4. jukyO

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    ATM, I am using MIUI AU ICS version. Go to their site and download version 2.1.10 ICS BETA. Most of the stuff works and you have an option to enable A2SD.

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  5. pushu.x

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    I tried MIUI-Au's rom but it's really unstable. Barrely got Apps2SD to work. The down side is that's really unstable. What can I say... it's a beta. Still waiting for a better version. They made a whole lot of improvements with the 2.1.20 version but there's a lot more to work on. Anyway really good job so far.


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    I also tried MIUI_AU ICS Rom, Sandvolt and BCM, however, I'm using MIUI from, here, and would be really nice to have a ICS MIUI from this site! I believe it will be stable and smooth :)

    Please let us known, ICS from MIUIAndroid would defintely come out better then most of the roms :b

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