Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by MarkHUK, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. lukyjay

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    Get titanium vacuous and uninstall gmail, then grab the latest from the market

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  2. Instinct64

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    @markhuk could you update the md5 on the first post. I have downloaded from two different hosts and got a different md5 from both.

    Im getting a md5 of: BC52BAC6B689D88DA3611BB454D605DF

  3. fralaltro

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    Me too, same md5sum here

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  4. Ilmarinnens

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    Can't sync with exchange server 2010!
  5. Marchief

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    Mark do you know if the Chinese Devs are going to put in the lock feature that came with the 2.2 update? The one that if you hit the power button (turn screen off) and then hit the power button again (within 30s ) that you don't require the pattern etc again to unlock again? Prividing it was unlocked previously, or can this be put in your end?
    This is the only feature I think is missing from this ROM and love MIUI as it is, just really miss that from the Froyo Sense Roms
  6. lutin

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    Anyone having an issue where the lockscreen disappears (ie when you unlock the phone it goes straight to the homescreen). I can't get the lockscreen back whatever I do.

    Also, the home button is not working.

    And when I hold down the power button, I only have two options - Power Off and Reboot.

    This has happened twice and only on the latest version. The first time it happened I did a full re-install (flash, wipe etc). It has now happened again. Anyone any ideas?
  7. Scar3crow

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    Is there a way to customize the order of the controls/toggles in the notification pull-down? There are some that I use a lot more than others, and it would be good to have them first as opposed to having to scroll across to find them.
  8. gianni281

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    They automatically reorder themselves depending on how frequently you use them. I use usb and airplane toggles often and they've reordered themselves to the same pane as wifi, data and rotation toggles.

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  9. iinga

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    Reorder and renumber the widgets accordingly
    The number is how many times they've been pressed.

    After reboot you'll see them reordered.

    Easiest way is with root explorer or another text editor. Just delete the ones you don't want as close to the front, and on reboot they'll be at the back. Don't use minus numbers.
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