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Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by ToxicToby, May 26, 2012.

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    ok so i have just flashed the latest ICS .... and it looks very good so far .... im using stock kernel at the moment so we shall see how that goes .... now i know this probaly isnt the place but i was wondering wat kernels people find best with this rom .... or if the standard kernel is more than good enough ... also i was wondering if you can change icons with icon packs and so on :)

    but yes ... seems very good so far i wasnt keen on it last time i tried it but it seems like there has been alot of updates and now it seems very good :) so im gonna keep on this rom i think from now on :)

    another quick question i have seen a few ppl say tha OTA updater doesnt work i was just wondering if it does or not lol :) thanks in advance :)
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    Kernel Stock is Good .. for tweaking use siyaah

    Updater works on default kernel if u originally installed miui after a clean wipe

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    ahhhh so if u change kernel OTA doesnt work i seeeeee ... thanks man :)

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