HTC Recommended radio file for MIUI 1.4.22 on DHD

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by Reino, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Reino

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    I was just wondering what the recommended radio would be for MIUI on the DHD. Since updating the ROM I've noticed my battery life decreasing significantly faster, even though I use my phone the same I did before, and still keep Wi-Fi and GPS disabled. My current radio is 12.28b.60.140eP_26.03.02.26_M.

    Is a different radio recommended? I've seen some people saying 05.09 or something, but I've looked around and couldn't find it. Also, just as an example of how I view my battery life as being poor, I went from having 20 hours of regular/casual use down to 10. For example, I unplugged my phone at 9am PST at 100%, and it is now 10:30am PST with 80% remaining (without Wi-Fi or GPS enabled, and no web browsing). Prior to switching to the new ROM I would be at about 95% by now.

    Again, sorry for yet another "poor battery life" thread.

    Thank you!
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  3. Kraken

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    I use and I'm happy with it. Also calibrate your battery.

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    There are a bunch of Radios on the XDA forums. Just be careful when flashing though. There are links to various guides too.


    The one I'm using right now is the same as the one Kraken has. Apparently it's the best one right now although a MIUI modder recommends
    . Calibrate your battery too, there's an app in the market to help you do it without going into CWM, and I think kernel might help too. The latest ones are here:

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    Interesting. My DHD is a TELUS phone, but can I still use other Radios from other providers, such as "Orange"? I noticed the recommended Radio is the Orange brand.
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    Yeah. You're not limited to just using operator specific ones.

    I was using a Cingular radio, even though I'm on O2 in the uk, and it turned out to be the best for me - I live in northern Ireland.

    In using the latest gingerbread radio now, seems to be really good, you should maybe give it a trying. You can get it from the radio thread on XDA - I would link it if I could on my phone. Sorry.

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    Can i i flash radio using rom manager?

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    I suggest winamp shoutcast I love it. Normal radios you find on market to.

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