The Dark Knight Returns V4 2.4_Droidviews.mtz

Discussion in 'Theme Releases' started by superdoushka, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. superdoushka

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    Hi All, I have put this theme in MIUI > theme folder on my SGS i9000 but it doesn't show in the theme manager for me to change it.
    I also installed this one Cotheks.Phazed.Orange.0.9.(MIUI-10.21).mtz in the same place and it is available in the theme manager and does change.
    Am I doing something wrong here or is Dark Knight not compatible with my SGS i9000.

    Would be pleased of an answer, many thanks.
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  3. boxcarracer81

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    Use file explorer, locate the theme.mtz en try applying it from there.
  4. pedrodog69

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    or find mtz in you downloads copy or move it to your themes file in miui folder go back to your themes apk and it should be there.
  5. boxcarracer81

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    He did that already. ;) Have you checked the file? Otherwise redownload the theme..

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