Will there be MIUIv4 for the AT&T HTC One X?

Discussion in 'HTC One X' started by Raadius, May 16, 2012.

  1. Raadius

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    Will there be MIUI for the US version? I have an Evo 4G, and I love MIUI, had it for almost a year and half and now I have a One X and I hate Sense 4.0 lol.

    I want MIUI. miHOME app is ok, but it's not breathtaking enough, lol.
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  3. iBotPeaches

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    Seeing as I will be buying the phone, I'll get MIUI on it. One way or another.

    It may never get official MIUI, but I'll make sure we get it.
  4. raz

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    I'm sure miui.us will make a ported version for the at&t one x as it is a us based model.

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