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  1. GilMat
    Xiaomi Redmi Pro X25 64GB
  2. Leoon111
    Pedmi note 3 pro, russian
  3. Leoon111
  4. Bernxia
    Bernxia graw2

    I am sorry if I am on the wrong post. I am totally new to this. I bought MI5s with custom chinese ROM and I want to install your ROM. Where can I find detailed instructions. I don't understand install TWRP via Fastboot or install ROM (I understand to copy ROM to device but then?).

    Thanks a lot
  5. josito801
  6. jonasstomp
    Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.
  7. hadron
  8. ehab781
    ehab781 ingbrzy
    hi sir im note3mtk and im on Xiaomi .eu miui weekly where i can find weekly updates pls send to me the link and thank u
  9. Dimonious ReX
    Dimonious ReX hadron
    Purchase details
    Receipt number: 5YN65614HV7039641
    please add the Mi credits
    100 mi credits
  10. staruj
    Redmi Note 3 Pro by Xiaomi.eu [Ukrainian]
  11. Happymountain
    Hallo, ik heb de MI5s Plus maar er staat geen Nederlandse taal op hoe krijg ik dit er wel op?
  12. Polivitamin.71
  13. Loladas
    Loladas Pedro Louro
    ola pedro, eu criei este topico antes de ver a tua mensagem.
    ai tens tudo explicado, eu vou tentar fazer o tutorial que eles puseram la. Mas de qualquer fas formas vou falar contigo caso nao de resultado, muito obrigado!
  14. Xanquete2
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
  15. japeeu
    japeeu mnikolce
    I see you have a friend called Elizabeth so I won't offer you friendship (!), anyway for all your help can I buy you a drink? paypal?
  16. faris
    faris Whisky NotePro
    Also, the screws come in different lengths and colours, so it will be a good idea to make a picture first. I used an adhesive tape to hold the screws in the same order I took them off.

    send my
    plz picture the screws
  17. kipsukuroi
    Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime.
  18. Taiji2078
  19. Claud87
    Hi everyone!
  20. marcus3112
    marcus3112 ingbrzy
    Very good rom but I got one problem. In 5ghz wifi the downloadspeed after connection is great but if I test the speed a few minutes later, its only 8-10mbit/s instead of 118mbt/s. I use Redmi Note4 MTK with weekly rom 7.3.9
    All my other devices (Acer Tablet on stock-android) and laptop dont have this issue. Could this be a bug?
    By the way, boy!.. Thanks for your great work!
  21. cartz
    The last one to die please turn out the light.
  22. hasaney
    hasaney ingbrzy
    Hi,i want to work on persian translation How can i help you to do it?
  23. g4xl
  24. MABAMI
    I will try the more recent rom today
  25. Alessandro_87
    Typing on the keyboard like a crazy cat :3