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    Can not put Weatherbug Elite on main screen (2x1)

    On the 12/18 build of Miui, trying to add the Weatherbug Elite widget to the home screen. The 3 versions that are 1x1 appears to work fine. The one that is 2x4 <description is wrong not 2x1 - its 2x4> will not go to the main screen or any other screen. You post it to the screen and it won't...
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    New options

    agree, I normally have the weather/clock widget and one other on my home screen. I hate seeing multiple clocks and using scripts are fine but if none are made for the recent version.....
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    New options

    Would be nice to see some options to not show things in the status bar like battery, clock etc. I would think its pretty easy to have an area you check or uncheck for showing those items. IMO its dumb to have a clock in the status bar and a clock on the main screen such as BW, FW etc..