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    MIUI 10.4 9.4.18

    Mi9 camera keep crashing, when select portrait mode (intermittent, but more than 8 out of 10 times). Reboot help solve the problem but it re-occur again after a while of using camera.
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    MIUI 10 8.7.12 v2

    Mi5, battery usage always crash
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    MIUI 9.3 8.1.25 V2

    Mi5 8.1.25 is always fail to connect to camera (when low light without flash turn on). Revert back to 8.1.18
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    MIUI 9.1 7.11.2

    anyone found this, it happen once every reboot. Mi5
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    MIUI 9 7.9.7/8

    Mi5, no more swap back button to left/right?
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    MIUI 9 7.8.31

    Mi5, 7.8.31 does not have sound notification for LINE, but revert to 7.8.24 has sound
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    MIUI 8.6 7.6.15

    Cannot install certificate with attach error
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.18/19

    Mi5, eu 7.5.18
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.18/19

    Can someone help me to read this stat which cause my battery drain during screen off?
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    MIUI 8.3 7.5.18/19

    Mi5, how can I identify those seveal wakeup (the one without screen on)?
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.19/20

    May I ask whether you will also release 7.1.20? In MIUI forum, 7.1.19 was suspend and will be 7.1.20 instead. Wonder what wrong with 7.1.19
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.12

    Where is service menu for mi5 ois calibration?
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.5

    Mi5 gps not fix
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.5

    Is this optimized for Europe zone? Is this just NTP_SERVER in gps.conf or some binary as well? What if I'm in Asia?
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    MIUI 8.2 6.12.22

    Using Mi5, when going to "Setting" in updater app, it tries to load something. Since we need to use TWRP to flash update rom, can we just delete this updater app?