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    New Miui11 9.9.26 Note 7 Pro (Violet) stucking on PIN

    Hello all! When I was rebooting from twrp after updating new rom I was stuck on initial screen with PIN code. So I am entering my PIN and nothing happens, some time after screen goes black and thats all. Then it asks again for PIN, I am entering it and so on. Also there is no icons of camera...
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    This update change my TWRP forcibly, I don`t like it.
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    For what gods sake the 9.4.18 update change the normal twrp for this ugly RedWolf twrp on whyred??
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    Having such issues on Redmi Note 5 whyred from 9.3.28 and on 9.4.11 nothing changes: 1) Graphic power bar showing bullshit (near full when it is only 10%, charging green when it is offline), going back to normal after restart then everything comes back. 2) Google assistant not showing up after...
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    I did a dirty update from 9.3.14. Everything was so so smooth except of loosing SD Card and encrypted TWRP, however I found working TWRP, installed it and even made *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* worked. So everything is ok now.
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    I also confirm that with 9.3.25 whyred twrp asks password and not accept it (I have only numbers). Any ideas what to do now?
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    Redmi Note 5 (whyred) everything seems ok after update. Thanks.
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    System launcher keep crashing on this build. Whyred
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    Sorry, Bluetooth is working on your phone?
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    Redmi note 5 pro whyred so far Bluetooth is not working, button in the curtain always lit, not responding, although the bt sign is turned on, mi band not seeing it.
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    Redmi Note 5 (whyred) first start was very long, then phone was very laggy, after installing Magisk a bunch of errors (mi account, Imei, some apps go crashed), then several reboots and all seems ok.
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    Finally caught it. Do anyone has an idea what is this chinese popup?
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    Magisk 17.1 not working on Whyred. It causing FC Interface app several times, then going reboot mobile. Phone totally unusable after that. Also some chinese text pop up randomly, starting with "-1:"
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    After update on Redmi Note 5 (whyred) lost any sound notifications, also wifi working not so good, often reconnecting. Bluetooth still not working properly.
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    Sure. Most of bricks were created by updating through TWRP.