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    Miui 8 For Redmi Note 2

    What exactly with wifi. I'm having some disconnect issues as well.
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    MULTI 6.3.10/11

    Anyone's music app crashing? I can't even open it.
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    MULTI 6.3.10/11

    Can't say much about battery yet, but the clock speed is in fact lower (2.15).
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    MULTI 6.3.10/11

    Anyone's speed went down? After updating it shows that my CPU is now at 2.15 instead of 2.2 Ghz.
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    Redmi Note 2/prime Sar Value

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying this phone but there is one thing that still bothers me and that is the SAR value of this phone. I've seen multiple different answers ( 0.6 head / 0.7 body, 0.9, 1.4, some say even 2 W/kg!). Does anyone knows for sure what is the SAR value of this phone ? Thanks.