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    Notification Led Mod

    Howzit. Is it possible to add a feature where the notification LED is not canceled after screen wake ?
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    Redmi 3 Benchmark

    Howzit all. Has anyone done a benchmark test on this ROM for the Redmi 3? Also which app did you use? I am asking this question as I would like to know which of the two ROMs i have tried would be the best. It's between ROM and ******** ROM
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    MIUI 8.2 6.11.3

    Awesomeness thank you for your hard work . . . Upgrading my Redmi 3 now . . .
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    [rom | Mod] Rom Kitchen Discussion Thread

    Morning all. Ok this might be a n00b question. The modified boot.img MOD and ROM .. is it possible to made these without root access ?
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    [rom | Mod] Rom Kitchen Discussion Thread

    Thnx man .. got it !!!
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    [rom | Mod] Rom Kitchen Discussion Thread

    Howzit. When will the 6.9.22 Redmi 3 HM3 ido feature in the Rom Kitchen ? Thnx
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    MIUI 8.2 6.9.22

    Ok guys i have used the download links from the "CODE BOX" and i can download my ROM for Redmi 3 HM3 ido. Thnx for the awesome ROM. (y)
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    MIUI 8.2 6.9.22

    Thnx for the new release.. Unfortunately i can download for the Redmi 3 HM3 ido
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    Additional Mods Request

    Howzit devs. Well done on the awesome ROM that you have made. I have two requests if you can add it to the ROM 1: To remove the search bar from the notification area. 2: Infinite Home screen scrolling.
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    [mod] Home 4x6 Grid Size

    Awesome MOD thnx.. Loaded in my Redmi 2 and it's working like a charm... Thnx a million (y)