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    Redmi note 4x ... NO PORTRAIT on back camera

    HI Iam using XIAOMI.EU 10.1 STABLE and there is no portrait option on back camera , the portrait option exist only on front camera ???
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    New Still Having Instagram Issue Rn2

    Still having Instagram issue on redmi note 2, scrolling llag after 2-3 minutes of use , i have latest stable , trying clean cache reflashing phone etcc etcc not works
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    Downloading Roms

    You may should wait for this update because in some devices the --update checker-- will receive update later , some others devices more early, if u want to update right now just download this rom[6.9.15] and copy to internal storage of your phone if you download via pc or you can direct download...
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    Downloading Roms

    Do not worry because that will download the firmware version you have actually. It just download the same version you are using, so not needed to download from this option , if any updates comes , you will received via updater. Hopefully you understand me.
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    From Where To Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 ?

    Hi guys i'am new here , i'am from Albania/Kosovo , I'am interesed to buy a xiaomi redmi note 2 online but i dont know from where to buy , anyone who buy from ********** , or ebay , ******* ,etc , can me tell a trust seller thanxx and i have a question too , does xiaomi redmi note 2 has a...