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    whyerd low volume

    "changed it from PL to ES" done but still results nowhere near my expectafions. (też jestem Polakiem)
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    whyerd low volume

    ok so i came from mi5 to whyerd and its a big hit in audio quality and my problem is my whyerd is very quiet on jack 3.5 . fix was to chanage region to india but on theres no region setting. can you say wich file i need to edit to get more volume ? i was playing with...
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    Rom is smooth and fast on redmi note 5 pro (will you add more pro options to stock camera like focus and exposure time ? 4k)
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    double tap to flashligth is not working sometimes its showing flashhligt on screen but nothing appens i need to unlock turn on flasligt from notification bar turn it off ten gesture works fine for some time XIAOMI MI5
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    Yup dissapointed as always . I guess i need to stay on lineage for another week
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    Mi5 Media Profiles

    Can somebody send me original media_profiles.xml form system/etc PLZ i tried miflash all even and still no luck my modified media profiles stays and ruins my 4k to 24fps and 1080p to 26fps
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    MIUI 9.1 7.11.2

    One of most bugged updates for mi5 1- after you added Proximity sensor calibration to avoid no locked screen during call (10-26) MY SCREEN TURNS OFF AND TURNS RIGHT ON calibration is not fixing IT. IT was working Perfect for year for me and "calibration" destroyed it. 2-assistant is useless...