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    Encrypted Storage after installing TWRP

    The problem are possible data loss nightmares which might appear after an unencrypted device is lost or stolen :)
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    Dirty flashed this over the latest miui 10 beta on my mix 3 and everything seems to work fine.
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    Twrp working for mix 3 , 9.10.10 rom

    Fixed version now on XDA:
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    any updates for Mi Pad 4 plus

    I know XDA. But there are only experimental gsi builds for the mi pad 4...
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    any updates for Mi Pad 4 plus

    Are there any working custom ROMs for the mi pad 4?
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    MIUI 11.1 9.10.10/11

    Do you have encrypted or unencrypted data partition?
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    Is it right that the 11 stable for the mi mix 3 is still based on Android 9? And not on Android 10 like the last beta?
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    Format data?
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    Is the twrp boot bug only affecting the mi9t?
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    Missing notifications

    I don't have that option in my settings. Strange
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    Missing notifications

    I did enable all options for k9 (see attachments) it still did not work this morning. I got no notification for the mail's I received during the night.
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    Missing notifications

    OK, I really like my Mix3 and I can live with Miui (most of the time) but one thing is still driving me mad. I cannot get my E-Mail app (K-9 Mail) to reliably display notifications. I have allowed Autostart, disabled energy optimisation and allowed all access rights under notifications for K-9...
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    Everything working fine on my mi mix 3 with this release. No more battery drainage.
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    I am using magisk 18.2 canary
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    Yes. And upto that point I had no problems with encryption. I guess the rollback messed something up. Twrp for example did not ask me for the pin when entering recovery.