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    Incoming call screen always "lockscreenish"

    I don't think its a bug. It's been a while since I last rejected a call but I think the bar starts to turn red as you slide it up to reject the call.
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    Incoming call screen always "lockscreenish"

    Slide up to reject
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    1.6.3 Theme Manager FC

    I managed to fix it on my Desire GSM by using the tip mvjh01 read in a thread. I installed just the Chinese ROM and booted the phone. I was able to apply themes with no issues (Obviously the entire ROM was in Chinese). I then rebooted back into recovery, cleared cache and applied the language...
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    Sound "goes too low"

    I had the same issue on the 11.19 build. Seems to be linked to the A2SD+. Once I moved data/apps to SDExt I found that the sound from time to time would become so low that I could not hear ringtones and notifications. As you pointed out a power off and restart would fix the problem. I...
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    App Protector Pro

    I can't get App Protector Pro to lock applications on MIUI 11.19. Is there any reason for this? If so, can someone suggest a workaround. Love the ROM but for me it's essential to lock applications such as email/messaging/gallery. If I can't get it to work I guess I'll have to reluctantly go back...