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    Release MIUI ROM 2.7.20

    I encounter a strange problem. 2.7.13 in 4x5 layout did not let my nexus s play video, YouTube or mkv/avi/mp4/... whereas it play video fine in 4x4 layout. Now with 2.7.20, it does not work all. Tried dice player, rockplayer, YouTube app, nothing is displayed. At best i hear the soundtrack...
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Nevermind, it is stock default theme that has this glow behaiviour... Nexus S | Tapatalk
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    I just played a bit with overscrolling settings, and i would like to go back to stock behaiviour. I put edge glow again, but now I do only have a 2 pixel height bar appearing at top or bottom of the scroll... I am sure the glow is normally a gradient that is really taller, or am I did not...
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    A mod can really be so urgent ? Do this guy really die out have troubles if clock, notifications and status icons Ste sitting in stock position ? Sig, sometime, human beings are really weird Nexus S | Tapatalk
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    Tasker unable to control audio settings

    Perfect advice ! What is strange is that previously, I had to enable this option to get voice caller id working, and timerifficc was working fine this way. So, to sum up : Disable third-party access in caller option and tadaaa Silent mode can be triggered by planned process Nexus S | Tapatalk
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    Tasker unable to control audio settings

    Same problem whith timerriffic Really annoying, and same problem with the voice caller id that do speak ranfomly the contact name of incoming call since September releases Nexus S | Tapatalk
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    using without any glitches 1.9.9 with escenter1.9.2 miui rulez Nexus S | Tapatalk
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    [solved] dialing predefined number from icons gives a reboot (in 1.6.3 and 1.6.10)

    Where can I find the application that is needed to enable/disable the permissions ? I have a superuser app, but it is the one used for root access. So am I missing something or what ?
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    [SOLVED]Cyberon Voice Commander make MiUi 1.6.x reboot

    Hello I used this voice commender app perfectly until 1.6.x series . I already asked the dev if he could help on this bug, but I ask it here too. So, this app let me correctly spell phone number, search contact, launch apps, without any problem until it have to dial a number on the...
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    Audio files .wav not valid !

    Hello I have a problem accessing voicemail files I got on my Exchange account or my gmail account. Whatever I use as a player, Miui music player or Vitalplayer, they are unable to read the wav file... It works fine on stock Nexus S android. Ity is not a problem with hardware, as my HTC...
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    Problems with MIUI Gallery

    BUMP hello I encounter the same problem as this guy using MiUI 1.5.6 REV1 from Niarkman from htc-dev team. In my Gallery, I have two folders called wallpaper, 1 containing 8 items, and another bugged on containing 28 items. This one is unable to be browsed and show a grey thumbnail with...