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  • Jde na MI MIX 3 po odemčení nainstalovat EU ROM nějakým jiným způsobem, než pomocí TWRP, které ještě není, nějaké čínské neodzkoušené ?
    Can you make the device software as 32bit?We used it very badly.Upgrade to 64 bit . Please get feedback.
    Keep volume keys control media .
    I am in stock developer rom v8.10.11(poco)
    Volume keys control media
    Please keep it
    Thank u.
    Hi dear

    Please add persian ( farsi ) language to eu roms

    It is avaliable in xiaomi official developer and stable international roms , i think its easy to add this ready language to eu roms.

    Thanks for your attention.
    how to include indonesian language in rom? i've seen someone already create MIUI 10 XML Indonesian Translation in Github and want to integrate it in rom. Thanks
    Where is indonesian github repository?
    I have very low sound in top speaker during calls on my Mi6. The problem came with MIUI10 2-3 weeks ago with weekly rom . I read somewhere that this is a software problem. Do you know something about this problem? It's very annoying..
    Thank you! :)
    Hello sir, do you have stock camera from Global Stable rom (whyred)? Can i have it? Thanks sir.
    Hello !
    MIUI 9 China Stable ROM V9.6.2.0.MALCNFD based on Android 6 (Marshmallow) for Redmi 3S/Prime/3X was released on the official website and i am just curious about when will be available in style !?
    About your post in "[DEVICE TEAM] Flash (Unbrick) Redmi Note 3(SD) with Locked Bootloader - All ROMS"
    I have a xiaomi mi 8 which is in English and chinese and turn in miui 9.5.6 I wanted to put it in miui 10
    I flash with miflashe the rom sirius_images_8.6.18_20180618.0000.00_8.1_cn_010ab611eb up to the no worry

    then I wanted to put it in French so I
    I would like to suggest that the developer should reactivate the "Separate "Default notification sound" and "SMS received" for the MI5. After the new 10.Version I have for all notification the same sound even for the sent. This nerves not only me, all surrounding people looking at me if I send a message.
    Hi again.Although I’ve asked again before,I’d like to know if it is possible to add more cards funcionality to the app vault or using the full Chinese/English developer rom version. Could it be replaced with the one on apkmirror or google play (beta)?
    Thanks for your attention.
    Hello.Could be possible to add more app vault Cares like football..etc?
    Thanks for the ron.
    Hi ingbrzy is there à global rom for redmipro ?who exist? What is the best rom for this device? What is the name of the last stable please and what is the Time update frequency thanks à lot you do good job
    Could you please be so kind and update stable Redmi Note 3 Pro SE (HMNote3SE / Kate)?
    Thank you
    Hey ingbrzy, I have a serious problem. I updated my MI5 with the latest versionxiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_8.5.3_v9-8.0, the MI5_8.5.10_v9-8.0 via TRWP teamwin Now I have the problem that my phone is is It is rebooting always back to the TRWP Menu. I tried also to reinstall th older version. Than I got the MI5_8.5.10_v9-8.0. Always the same happened. What might be the problem??
    Dear Friend, there is no MI4/3 upload file

    Since last update, cannot connect my phone to the PC (PC does not reconize it)
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