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    1. Atul0000
      1st This ROM is awesome than official's.
      2nd Add Global ROM calendar as it's having various features like Panchang, Horoscope etc. Which are really very helpful.
      3rd Add Global ROM new notification shade that replying from notification bar becomes more easy.
      4th I know Devs are trying to fix updater lagging.

    2. fmkhan100
      Kindly upload stable rom for Redmi 4 Pro.. thanks
    3. tevanovich
      Hello, I have a miui6 and im getting an error when updating saying error e3004, and I don't know how to fix it and internet doesn't say anything, can you help me please
    4. blueberry2478
      miui china stable 9.2.1 for mi max 2 is released. hope to see the eu rom. thank you.
    5. Elnur84
      And thanks for developing
    6. Elnur84
      Hello. Please add Azerbaijanian currency to miui calculator.

      Thanks in advance
    7. raupe
      Hey ingbrzy!

      Thanks for the oreo Port for chiron!
      Upgrade worked like a charm!

      You used my TWRP build and posted a copy of an work in progress build for the device. I'm very proud you state my build as stable but sowmewhat confused that i've not been contacted in front of this procedure.

      Could we clean up this procedure and talk how to manage the upcoming updates for TWRP that are planned?

      Cheers raupe
    8. Hartmer
      I have a problem with my MI6 since OREO update.
      When I try to do local update, the smart assistent crashes. Nothing is saved after that and also all APPS are different located on my homescreen.

      I tried to deactivate smart assistent, but did not help
    9. minhnhat84sk
      FM radio when plugged into the headset automatically emits speaker sound, I am not happy about this!
    10. minhnhat84sk
      FM radio each time the headset is plugged into the loudspeaker. I have commented from version 7.11.2 but have not resolved yet!
    11. trungmanhvbhp
      Hi ingbrzy

      Please develop for Mipad 3 base on firmware China stable V9.2.2.0.NCICNEK (MIUI9)
    12. Nucio
      Could you give a check to the last Xiaomi Mi Note 3 tread? I am in panic, thanks
    13. gatodorov
      Hey Man, great job managing all the ROMs and putting order in the update process! Keep going, we count on you! By the way, do you know why there are no recent stable ROMs for MI6 on 9.1 or 9.2 MIUI?
    14. dariosss
      Hola soy nuevo por aqui, me acaban de traer los reyes magos un xiaomi note 5a y llevo todo el dia intentando ponerlo con una rom en español , pero no se si soy tonto o estoy echo un pez , pero la verdad esque no me aclaro , lo tengo en chino e ingles ¿¿¿ me puedes echar una mano por favor??? Ya no se tirar por ningun sitio,mi celebro esta bloqueado
    15. Edin Rahic
      Edin Rahic
      Hello mate, i'm writing to you for the first time and i want to thank you for your great job, keep it up. I have Redmi Note 4X s5kl38, than i replaced it with sony sensor, and i enable camera 2api, notice that on samsung sensor exposure time is longer than on imx258, can you in your updates increase exposure time at least 8 or 16 seconds, i saw that xiaomi.eu increase exp time on MI6, it would be great feature.
    16. Michele96
      hello, I hope you read the message, I noticed that the miui 9 is out for xiaomi mi4 I hope it is better than the other stable because the GPS is slow to hook the satellites, the phone will restart after all hours of use and much more, if you have to release a version do it .. but solve these problems, thanks.
    17. Trou Macacq
      Trou Macacq
      Hej, I have updated some icons to MIUI style for some commonly used Swedish apps, how can I share it with the team? I believe it would be useful if these icons become part of the ROM. Many thanks in advance!
    18. enzo.luis08
      good day sir. i was wondering if xposed for HM5Plus already avaible. running eu rom nougat 7.1.2. tnx.
    19. kop32
      Hi, I have the xiaomi mi 6 in the UK, it currently is running MIUI Global 9.0 stable (NCAMIEI),My question is have I got the correct ROM for my region as there is no UK region when I went through the set up process,forgive me if this is a stupid question.
    20. LevaNi90
      Hello, i really want one answer about Mi 5C , hope you can help me, i use now MIUI 9 Weekly ROM and because of Video zooming problem want to downgrade to MIUI , as i know this rom doesn't have that issue, should i wipe everything or can install it just from TWRP?
      thanks ;)
    21. Daniel John Ceblano
      Daniel John Ceblano
      Hi sir there is a problem with eu rom on my xiaomi redmi 4x, when magnification gesture is on, the scrolling becomes jittery i hope you'll be able fix this problem for all xiaomi redmi 4x user thank you..
    22. vipviform
      I have a Redmi Note 4x Snapdragon 3/32. I got Omnivision sensor. Now I've assigned a Sony sensor from the third place, but I do not see any hardware after the exchange. EU DEV ROM, open bootloader, root. Any solution? THX
    23. Seroquel
      Will you realize an Oreo based rom for the mi 5x? Thanks and Merry Christmas
    24. dizzy90
      Hi, need help,

      Device: Mi Note 2
      I flashed the latest weekly, cleared cache and dalvik and it rebooted just fine but does not detect sim card 1, and when sim card is moved to slot 2, phone gets incoming signal but not outgoing calling or sms abilities. It also does not register under settings as having a sim card despite it having bars.
      1. dizzy90
        So I go back to recovery and wipe data, cache, and dalvik. And reboot phone only to find it says no IMEI found, and sim cards are still not detecting.

        So I go back to recovery and restore EFS from my previous rom backup (version 7.8.31) and no effect, same as before.
        Dec 22, 2017
      2. dizzy90
        So I go back to recovery and restore complete rom backup from version 7.8.31, and everything works fine again.

        So I go back to recovery and install the newest stable rom, cleared cache and dalvik, and reboot, and I get process.acore has stopped errors repeatedly and sim cards are still not detecting.

        So I go back to recovery and restore complete rom backup from version 7.8.31, and everything works fine again.
        Dec 22, 2017
    25. adinlicious
      hi mr.ingbrzy... could you add Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia to your weekly release from global sources same as other south east asian country.. many user from Indonesia use this rom.. thank you
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