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ingbrzy Multilang leader, Male, from Košice - SLOVAKIA

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    1. emreerisen
      hi ingbrzy,

      How can I downgrade with weekly rom? Should I wipe out the data or which should I?

      thank you
    2. realmasaru
      Dobry den, I have a question, are you guys plan to add the "xiaoi smart assistant "? Thank you
    3. Gevaudan
      Hola, tengo un problema con mi REDMI PRO, la versión del MIUI es la 8.1 Beta y entra mucha publicidad, no solo eso, sino que entra virus y no puedo eliminarlo, quisiera saber si podéis darme una solución al respecto.
    4. Ajithkmr
      Hi, following the Xioaomi.EU for quite a long time. I own a Redmi1S. Checked the Stable Rom page and couldn't find the latest stable V8.1.4.0 . Could you please confirm if we are still getting the Stable updates? Thanks.
    5. Jo☆san
      Hello boss, i am italian but i work in Bratislava..I have just noticed you are in Kosice! :D
    6. João Cancelo
      João Cancelo
      I have a Redmi Note 4. I put the headphones on the phone to make calls and the other people start to hear noise. I think the noise canceling microphone turns off. Could you see what is happening with this situation, I have another colleague of mine who says the same thing.
      Thank you
    7. aji5b
      hi there..can u include bahasa melayu/malay language in redmi pro rom?
    8. tycal
      Hello how are you
      just a question .
      The rom HMNote2 suspended is it definitely.
      Or is it momentary?
      thank you
      good night
    9. PRInCEI7
      I've translated the latest version of the system MIUI 8
      I want to add the Arabic language in the next version
      Full localization rate of 99%

      MIUI 8 Arabic
    10. Sweetly
      Sorry for bothering you. I have a Redmi PRO and I've received a lot of ads on it.
      I see that my rom is: MIUI 8.1 by 6.9.8 beta. I don't know if it's correct or if I have to change it to avoid them. Must I have change the rom? Could you help me? I don't know how. Thank you so much and I apologize for my English...
    11. 150max

      I recently bought a Readmi 4 Pro, but the cell phone came with Miui Global 8.0 Global ( MBECND).
      I've already tryed to use Miunlock but always shows the next message "your device isn´t supported by Miunlock".
      How can I do to instal the Rom that we have on this web site ?
      Can you help me ?
    12. Jozseftamas
      I would like to ask your help.
      Since the end of October, I cannot connect to my corporate Exchange Server for mail and calendar. Before there were no problems. Then came a new ROM and the Mail app stopped connecting. I can connect with the Outlook app or the Gmail app but not with the Mail app. This is inconvenient especially for the calendar.
      Could you help me, please.
      Thanks a lot.
    13. sakecm
      Hi :) Im dislike with the decision of block Mi Radio and Mi Music apps. Exist any Zip to reactive them via TWRP?
    14. martiis
      hello it is posable add Lithuanian language to redmi 4 pro? redmi3 miui global rom have it posable copy from it?my mom does not understud english :D
    15. Elnur84
      Hello. Will mi4c get Marshmallow update?
    16. Suprat Leo
      Suprat Leo
      Hi bro, need your help. I just bought mi note 2. The rom is madcndi. And already include google play.

      Then i upgrade with twrp to chinese stable. I manage to install google play. But have one issue. Cannot donload google contact. So i cannot syn contact.

      Please help me with the issue or can you give me the link to the rom that include google play?? Thx alot
      1. bkhaliq
        Hi ... i also have mi note 2 with (MADCNDI). i'm trying to update to MADCNDI but it is not updating following the method of system update. please help me
        Dec 30, 2016
    17. ingeuge
      hi I've buy a Redmi 3s with a MIUI 8 Global 6.12.1 Beta
      unfortunately is china ver., that mean the LTE B20 (and other)is not suported in Italy from major carriers providers.After findings on internet i've see there is a versions of Redmi 3s, denominated International that's support Europeas LTE .You know that, if this supporting carriers, are provided by an a different ROM, or are differents the hw of two ver. dev.?
    18. andreadesix
      Ciao..what's next for Dior hm notes lte (4g redmi notes)?
    19. Antonio97
      Hello who dates this week the weekly update There is State (6/11/24) for MI5, would say What if there will be the release next week for my dear MI5. Thank you
    20. Byggeren
      Thanks a lot for your great work! I just donated via Paypal, this is to good to use as a free rider :-)
    21. Gooners
      Swedish Language were at 100%. Now its 91. Who will approve it? Seems like no fucks given for us. It sucks to work very hard but doesnt get awarded....
    22. EdwardLinux
      Hey how can help you developer miui? Language base?
    23. Jaime DLH
      Jaime DLH
      Many thanks for your great job! Just donated via Paypal, a small token of gratitude for all your efforts.
    24. EdwardLinux
      Thank you for you job!!!! ;)
    25. Torassk
      I see you are using MI5. I want to know how much you leave the battery in idle mode? and if you use Account xiaomi and synchronization? in my mi5 service Xiaomi standby consume a lot of battery. Is there a way to deal with them other than turn off?Can something advise?
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