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    MIUI 8.3 7.3.16

    Thanks @ingbrzy
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    MULTI 6.5.26 - Last Miui 7!

    thanks in advance for the eu team
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    MULTI 6.2.25

    RIP MI Recovery
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    MULTI 5.12.31

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year... Anyone here with mi2s experiences with suddenly power off?
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    MULTI 5.11.26

    From @graw2 You can merge system partitions already, just install 5.11.19 two times via updater app. So, if you already have 5.11.19 installed on your Mi2S just install it again via updater app and you will see. Before install it make sure you have USB debugging enabled in developer...
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    MULTI 5.11.26

    @graw2 do you flash via updater twice? or we have to flash via fast boot ? from 5.11.19 thanks in advamce
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    MULTI 5.11.19/20

    Thanks for the info TE check @graw2, but still 504,4MB on the system. Then have to recheck something going wrong. Its cause USB debugging is disabled. Then reflash one more time via updater then become 1009,3MB. So don't forget to enabled the usb debugging. Thanks @graw2
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    MULTI 5.10.22

    Thank you so much for ussd code mi2s
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    MULTI 5.6.18/19

    aries not in the list heheeh
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    MULTI 5.6.11

    what about ussd in chinesse lang? thanks :)
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    MULTI 5.4.17

    @care4u you have to wipe all data, wipe user data and wipe cache after flashing on fast boot, before you install 5.4.17 rom on the both system. good luck
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    MULTI 5.4.17

    done reflash, and ussd problem solved, but the graphic problem in clash of clan still there, any suggestion @ingbrzy ?
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    MULTI 5.4.17

    do you play? hehehehe...
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    MULTI 5.4.17

    thanks for the attention @Tumbler_FTW maybe i'll try to re flash from the beginning then
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    MULTI 5.4.17

    thanks for your great job.. i'm using mi2s with 5.4.10. i have a problem when using ussd code (used for checking my balance with the carrier) its replay and with clash of clans games it looks like at the file uploaded. please somebody could help me with this? many thanks