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    MIUI for Huawei ascend p6?

    Hey guys will you support the ascend p6?
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    Why di you change?
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    MIUI for Samsung galaxy ACE-i GT-S5830i

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know if the gt s5830i is supported by miui If not, can I install something as a launcher to join miui interface? How can i have in my phone a little bit of MIUI rom? Thank you
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    Why? So what do you think I should buy? Xiaomi or LG?
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    Hi guys if I buy a Nexus 4, do I have the same support that I have with the xiaomi m2s? I mean, will the nexus 4 be supported as long as the xiaomi? And does the nexus 4 miui has some bugs/problems that the xiaomi miui doesn't have? Which one should I buy in your opinion? Xiaomi m2s or nexus 4...