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    Mi 10t Lite - VOLTE

    I was able to get efs explorer working with this setprop. setprop sys.usb.config diag,diag_mdm,adb
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    Mi 10t Lite - VOLTE

    I'm using on the POCO F2 Pro. Are you on stable or weekly? This is what I'm getting on the latest weekly.
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    Mi 10t Lite - VOLTE

    The PDC tool works but I can't EFS Explorer to work - Did you have any success with that?
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    Invalid MMS won't send

    NVM - long press messages -> App info -> Permissions -> Get device info -> Always allow That fixed it!
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    Invalid MMS won't send

    I am using weekly 21.5.12. On the previous build I had the same problem. I'm using google messages - I am trying to send a mms message - it keeps on saying the network isn't ready, try again. I tried on stock messages - it says I can't attach that attachment... doesn't matter which...
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    New [solved] VoLTE not working on davinci...and how I won the war!

    Volte worked android 10 but not 11 - the telstra mbn wont stick on SW mbn mbn_eaa.txt when I validate or make it def mbn. I tried it global - it sticks but still have no volte. Does anyone know how to disable automcfg? Any ideas? Don't really want to back to A10 but need volte. Does anyone...
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    VOLTE not working on Android 11 - worked before on Android 10

    Since Android 11 - votle has not worked with my carrier Telstra in Australia. Previously on Android 10 - it worked perfectly using the volte USSD codes. I have flashed all 12.2.x.0 firmwares and tried latest both stable and weekly no dice on Android 11. Does modem test tools work on...
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    Mi 10 Qualcomm Diagnostic Mode (Diag Mode) for Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST Flash Tool)?

    setprop sys.usb.config rndis,diag,adb This one creates a 902D driver in port in dev manager but it won't work for me in qpst. I am running AOSP so that might be why, it might work with MIUI