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    Help With Wipe Data

    Hello, I want to upgrade my xiaomi Mi4 to Android M, and i know that i need to do Wipe Data on my phone. But i have some question about this: I must do Wipe Data after or before that i upgrade my Xiaomi with 6.1.28? Wipe data reset my gallery?(So delete photo and video) or my contacts?(all the...
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    Upgrade Xiaomi Mi4

    Thank you very much. I have two questions if you can help me. I need to do Wipe Data after or befor installa 6.1.28? Wipe Data reset my gallery?(So photo, video) or my contacts? Or only the app? Thanks so much.
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    Upgrade Xiaomi Mi4

    Hi, I want to upgrade mi Xiaomi Mi 4 but i need some help. Now i have 5.12.4 of, but i want to pass at Android 6. What are the processes that i need to do? and what rom i need to download. It's more sure if before to star i do a backup? Thanks so much for the help.