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    Faq - All Things Miui

    my VPN service tell me: (this ROM doesn't support VPN) !
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    in the recovery mod when i try to flash it it's give me error status 0 :/ !?
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    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 2.9.21 [JB & ICS]

    i have one question: can i remove the network name from the status bar because i need more space in it? Thanks
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.8.31 Changelog

    the last release i could see the ios emoji but in this release i can't :\ why?
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    how i can add an app to the room zip file ?

    how i can add an app to the room zip file like app drawer ?? and every time i flash this room i foung it just downloaded ?
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    [Mod] Extended Settings - Translations - Come and help translate it to your language!

    Arabic :D Battery Settings: <item>بياني</item> <item>مئوي</item> <item>بار علوي</item> <item>لا شيء</item> Clock, Date and Carrier Settings: <string name="show_clock_title">اظهار الساعة</string> <string name="show_clock_summary">إيقاف لإخفاء ساعة</string> <string...