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    Passing Safety Net

    Sadly google has now introduced an API for app developer and to exclude rooted devices from downloading their app through the PlayStore. For now the most prominent app that uses this feature is Netflix. On my redmi 4 pro and redmi 3s (therefore I guess on all devices) safety net...
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    Cant Boot After Encryption

    i enabled encryption with lockscreen password on my redmi 4 prime. now when im booting it it asks for the password but then gives the error system ui has stopped repeadeadly so i can not use my phone. what can i do? ok, reflashing the rom helped. still i think it should warn you somewhere ...
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    you should be able to get into edl with a deep flsh cable (you can easily craft one your self)
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    New Bluetooth Volume Bug In Combination With Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker.

    On both my redmi 3s prime (international Version) and on my redmi 4 prime (both on latest version) there is a bug regarding Bluetooth audio in combination with the xiaomi squere box Bluetooth speaker. When you turn the Volume below 1/4 on your phone, the speaker will play at full Volume. At...
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    Redmi 4 Pro Root

    how can i root my device on rom? where do i get a working supersu? Thanks
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    Well both methods should be safe. I used miflash in edl (ADB reboot edl) Because you can do it without a deep flash cable or chinese only Software.
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    Redmi 4 Pro Fastboot Rom

    where do i get fastboot rom china dev for redmi 4 pro i only find ,zip which i guess is recovery rom
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    Your Thoughts Of Redmi 4 (pro)

    I thought mi pc Suite wouldnt support miui 8 devices?
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    Can You write Step by Step how to succesfully flash the China dev via edl?
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    Redmi 4 Prime Case

    Anyone know where i Can get a case like this For redmi 4 Prime? I have this case for redmi 3s and i really like it.
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    The Last time with my redmi 3s i got the unlock Permission within 2h.
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    You could try to unlock with the Rom that is on the device. If it doesnt work you have to install the latest cina Dev Rom First. I guess the safest method to flash the China dev Rom would probably be using a deep flash Cable.
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    Redmi 4 Prime Bricked (help Needed)

    maybe your cable is faulty tried this?
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    Redmi 4 Prime Bricked (help Needed)

    did you try using a deep flash cable?
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    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    im from germany. My device is already at hongkong sorting centre therefore i think it should arrive in about 10 days. I hope that by then someone has already tried the procedure with the redmi 4 pro^^