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    New Find device storage corrupted, your device is unsafe now.

    Hi, Since few days i get randomly the error message of the post title, then today i restarted the phone and there is no more fingerprint option in the settings, it's a Mi 11 pro under 12.5.20. What can it be ? Thanks.
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    New Mi 11 pro

    For issue 3 i've never modified the display size, it has always been on "S", but it's not a big issue i have already changed the theme and icons style, i just want to know if it is still possible to report bugs using the services & feedback options after having unlock and flashed a custom rom ...
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    What is stored in "other" category ?

    Thanks, cool app, this time it's detecting the initial storage as 106.1Gb, may be it's the recovery tool twrp that is taking all this place.
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    What is stored in "other" category ?

    Hi I'm wondering what can be stored in this 13Gb zone, because i'm sure it's not my personal data, and if it's not the system's data then what it can be ? Thanks
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    New Mi 11 pro

    Hi, Here are some anomalies i've found when flashing the XIAOMI.EU V 12.5.17, i know that some of them may not appear as serious as most of the bugs posted in this section, but just wanted to report them in case they are reproducible and can be easily fixed. 1- The Sunlight mode doesn't work...
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    Invalid Mi11 pro detected by Google as "Google pixel 2"

    Hi, After flashing the ROM, Google services are detecting m'y phone as Google pixel 2.
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    Why it is not possible to relock the bootloader

    Hi, I wonder why it isn't possible to relock the bootloader after having flash a custom EU ROM, because to unlock it we have to add device and account in dev options so i see no reason why it couldn't be locked again using the same Mi account, does anyone have an answer ?
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    [GUIDE] Install TWRP for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

    Hi, Is it possible to re-lock the bootloader after having flash the phone ?
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    Phone IMEI Authentication successfull but...

    Hi, Is it normal to find the word "TEST" when authenticating the phone IMEI using this site and also the full specification are not given like when i test with my XIAOMI Mi Mix 2S Thank you.
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    [GUIDE] Install TWRP for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

    ow i wasn't aware of that, thank you very much :)
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    [GUIDE] Install TWRP for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

    thank you, I wasn't clear enough, what i wanted to say is if there is a risk to get stuck into fastboot mode and will need to contact some guys with authorized mi account to access the EDL mode a flash my phone remotely ?
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    [GUIDE] Install TWRP for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

    Hi is there a brick risk with this method ? Thanks.
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    Mi 11 pro brick when flashing to rom

    Thanks for the answer :)