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    [ROM][1.8.5] Samsung Epic 4G [Official Thread][We're Back!]

    First, thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this happen! I had an Evo for a long time and only used MIUI. I was sad to see that both my Epic and Nook Color were not supported. Well, I flashed the chopped version today and it runs like a champ. I installed the rom, installed quadrant...
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    MIUI Community - What device do you want to see running MIUI?

    please please please port to the nook color. phiremod is amazing but miui is amazinger!!!
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    Port to Nook Color

    i literally check this thread like 205232520908.83432(x) times a day where x=1934288975. please somebody post some progress! I will be eternally grateful! i am half tempted to put my Evo and Nook in the blender and hope I can pour out a hybrid of the two.
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    Port to Nook Color

    thanks for working on this! I am a huge fan of MIUI. it is amazing on my Evo and I feel like it makes an excellent tablet OS.