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    Mi 4c Bootloader Unlocking Safest Method!

    Glad to hear that.
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    Mi 4c Bootloader Unlocking Safest Method!

    First two places are developer ROMs and last two places are stable ROMs with my wote to last place with latest miui8 stable (moded) ROM for our libra devices. So, download ROM from Your last place, install it & ejoy ;) Sent from my m2 note using Tapatalk
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    Is It Miui V. 8 Stable For Mi4c?

    On my Mi 4c miui 8 stable version working without any problems except Auto Display Brightness which has disbalanced parameters by default...
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    Mi 4c Bootloader Unlocking Safest Method!

    If You say so... Fom my point of view it's unlocked somehow and i can manipulate with different ROMs.
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    Mi 4c Bootloader Unlocking Safest Method!

    ALL YOU ARE DOING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WAIVE ANY OF THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DEFECTS CAUSED TO YOUR PHONE Hi. I have buy brand new Mi 4c with some MIUI 7.1.x.x ROM with gapps working flawlessly. Yesterday i updated it with officiall miui8 ROM but on my horror no gapps and...
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    Need Help About Super User!

    On my Mi 4 LTE-CU i have latest Developer ROM 6.7.21 with OTA working and official MIUI Recovery on hone. Question: - If i flash, just, SuperSu to get Super User, will i kepp OTA or i loose OTA on my phone?
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    What Does Bootloader Variable Board_version Mean?

    CU and CT have proto board. That's mean they locked for flashiing over MiSuite. Desired flashing must do manually... and after that you'll have OTA.
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    Update Mi4 From Original Rom To With Mi-flash

    You can not flash ROM on CU or CT phone versions. Must do that "handly".
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    Is It Worth To Buy Mi4 Wcdma?

    Just Fantacy Store/AliExptess ;) Sent from my Mi 4 LTE @Tapatalk
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    Is It Worth To Buy Mi4 Wcdma?

    It is better but a little bit. Not more. But @roobns have no choce. From Xiaomi, only Mi 4 WCDMA, and in any case it is a gooood choice at all ;) P.S. I have ordered Mi 4c for myself from Aliex.... in a black colour but poore version 2GB/16GB. Just to compare Mi4 LTE and Mi 4c and i worse will...
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    Update Error 7 On Twrp

    FIRST and mandatory: - if You try to transit from KK or LP system to MM, FIRST must reflash phone twice with this "kind" of ROM DOWNLOAD LINK and then to flash any MM file without any errors!!! ROM from download link are merging partitions for Marsh Mallow... Download ROM and copy it to root of...
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    Is It Worth To Buy Mi4 Wcdma?

    Only 2 disadvatages have: - no LTE (who cares about that, so You don't care too) - no support for windows 10 mobile (i think You don't care for w10m too) sooo, go and grab it! Best Buy for the bucks... (my recommendation)
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    Mi4 Lte, Problems With Network

    That's all new momets :) I don't know how do You unbrick it but there is DL LINK for FastBoot ROM (latest official global v7.5.1.0) with good modem firmware for Mi 4 LTE. Find tutoriall how to FastBoot flash and load ROM in ;)
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    Here it is: http://fantacy.**********.com/store/609089

    Here it is: http://fantacy.**********.com/store/609089
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    Mi4 Lte, Problems With Network

    Hmmm. Suspicious simptom. I never heard for symptoms like that... After all, sale it and by some other Mi 4 LTE-CU (as example). I bought Mi 4 LTE-CU and in Serbia, where LTE working poor, my phone working flawless and without any issuess. Buy another! I will send You a best seller **********...