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    Telegram problem

    Hi, I have installed Telegram on my redmi note 7, but i don´t know if there is a telegram or redminote 7 bug, because every time that i set on private chats a personal sound, is not saved, but no change is performed and still default sound remains on configuration. someone who has the same...
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    Problem installing twrp on redmi note 7

    Well thanks, i have tried TWRP from here, and version from XDA guys, and always had the same results, boots on stock recovery, at last i have followed instructions from a youtube video and theres a litle difference, after install twrp you have to keep pressed + button and power button, but after...
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    Problem installing twrp on redmi note 7

    Hi there, please a little help with this issue I have a redmi note 7 with MIUI 11.04 and i have tried to install twrp (downloaded from this site) several times...and always after run the proper adb commands in order to flash it, phone reboots in to stock recovery after press volume + and on...