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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    I tried Clean flash but, after some time while using Stable rom the problem still persists and it has too many problems I don't know why. so I tried to clean flash weekly rom again. still the same problem, but then I tried to disable "Ok, Google!" both "Phone" and "Messenger" Works like a charm...
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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    It works now. Tried using Stable ROM 12.5.6, the only problem I got is. Xiaomi Sim Activation Services. it couldn't activate
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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    I just did a clean install and it is still the same issues., also tried to format, still the same.
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    MIUI 12.6 21.11.24/25

    Still having the same issues -
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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    I'm still having the same issues with the latest update. How about you guys?
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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    Found a temporary solution for the "Phone" app, - Go to settings - Apps - Manage apps - Find the Phone app or search it, then Clear all Data (Don't worry it will not remove your call history or contacts) then restart the phone. try to call someone if it works for you. for the messenger app...
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    Microphone Not Working Properly

    Whenever I make a phone call they can't hear me, same goes with most of the apps. even if I use a headset.
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    Latest weekly ROM

    Anybody got the same problem with me? Microphone on messenger is not working properly if I'm the one whose making the call, though it is working if the other party calls first.
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    MIUI 12.6 21.9.28

    Microphone on messenger is not working for K20 Pro
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    MIUI 12.6 21.5.12/13

    Redmi K20 Pro. Device is not charging properly after the update (21.5.12) it keeps on disconnecting.
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    Widevine L1

    He didn't mention Raphael, Oh well., I'll just have to wait it then. Thanks.
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    Widevine L1

    Latest. 20.12.28
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    Widevine L1

    Redmi K20 Pro (Chinese Variant) I Can't Download the Certificate., anyone who manage to make this work??
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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.6/7

    Still got L3 on K20 Pro :(
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    Widevine L1 on Redmi K20 Pro

    how did you manage to get an L1. Mine still got an L3