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    TWRP 3.3.1-1029 for mi 8 se

    Hello, I understand mine shortly after it left the market (June 2018) and so far it has been an excellent finish I used to change my phone in the short term but this xiaomi keeps giving me the necessary, very fluid way As for games is good, everything loads smoothly but in some cases not in the...
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    TWRP 3.3.1-1029 for mi 8 se

    Hello Could you give me the commands to install this version of twrp When I updated to android 9 I made a mistake in a command since the tutor said so and I don't want it to happen again
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    Instalar twrp mi 8 SE Android 9

    in the forum I did not find the twrp, but looking in xda version 3.2.3 that says it is compatible with android p using rom 8.11.1 which is what I have In a while I try to install the twrp, if it works I report it, thanks
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    Instalar twrp mi 8 SE Android 9

    install the drivers of MI 8 SE, also ADB and FASTBOOT after start the phone is fastboot mode perform the commands to verify that the phone is in that mode then flash the image to the precedence but not installed, I think the only thing I need is the image of the twrp compatible with android p
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    Instalar twrp mi 8 SE Android 9

    Hello I need help or a solution that can not install the twrp for the mi 8 SE can not update the rom, the twrp is deleted with the update of Android 9 and now with the method I used it does not work anymore I would thank you a lot if the drivers left me the instructions to be able to install...
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    mi 8se help!)

    to me just happened the same thing, the problem is that the provider with whom you bought the phone only installed the rom but not the twrp, and not having it the phone simply does not know what to do and therefore reboots search the files on the internet the twrp for the xiaomi mi 8 se and...
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    how instal TWRP in mi 8 se bootloader unlock please
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    buy my 8 se in aliexpres

    Hello I wanted to know if someone would help me change the rom that brings for the Xiaomi. EU someone could give me the link of the titutorial or what steps do I have to do I have no experience in this of the roms the seller says he already has the bootloader unlocked