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    MIUI ROM 2.8.24 Release [ICS & JB]

    is the download down?
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    Battery Drain

    I wasn't aware you were a dev working on the issue. Or by "we" did you mean "they"? The issue is, and always has been, that after flashing a new ROM the battery isn't accurate unless you calibrate. There is no battery drain and there has always been a fix. People are just too impatient...
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    Battery Drain

    did you calibrate your battery? I'm using a DX and I gave up trying to keep track of how long I stay charged for. I bought a couple spare batteries and a charger for $20 and now I just don't care. Much easier than trying to charge my phone fully, discharge it fully, charge it fully, then...
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    MIUI 1.8.19 on Droid X media server battery drain?

    just buy a couple extra batteries. I spent $20 for 2 extra batteries and a charger. No more battery issues!
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    droid x unable to charge....

    what makes you think this is a software issue? Try a different usb cord, charger, battery then phone. I'm running 1.8.19 on my DX without any charging issues, so the issue is on your end.
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    how do i get "application supermarket"?

    I searched but failed, which is why I asked. If linking to it is not allowed, then I am sorry for asking. This thread is now about pancakes
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    how do i get "application supermarket"?

    I understand what it is and why it was removed but you didn't answer my question. Don't people read anymore?
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    Necessary To Wipe?

    When in doubt, wipe it out. It may not be necessary for one person but may be for another. I'd rather wipe and have a flawless transition than save a couple minutes by not wiping. Ymmv
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    how do i get "application supermarket"?

    I would like to go shopping
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    [Bug-List] Post the bugs you found that need to be fixed before the "stable" version.

    Droid X 1.85 Lost all reception (3G and Cellular) when in sleep mode. Had to reboot to regain. Screenshot feature did not store. Shutter sound was made, but nothing stored.