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    Rockbox for Android (Music Player)

    I found a working version of the Rockbox App. Any audiophile will know what I am talking about, but Rockbox creates custom software for mp3 players. It is amazingly customizable and helps get the most out of the audio. It is not the prettiest software, but performance will be superb. This is a...
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    office program???

    Docs to go works well. Cost Money though. They also need to implement dropbox integration like their iPhone app. Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    Mark, I would pay for the weather app. I would also pay for a direct download "update" app. Just something that gave me the latest links to direct downloads (non multi-upload and such) in an App. I am all about saving time and I like supporting those people who create great work I use...
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    Wrong heap size

    Btw. I fixed my launcher problems by wiping and applying no themes. So themes have an issue. Heap size was not a problem though.
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    Wrong heap size

    32 was very unstable when 2.2 first came out, but maybe this was fixed? I was hoping it would fix my launcher FC from folders/themes(I think from these?), but it has definitely not helped with the Launcher. Eitherway, there is an easy way to fix it. Open a terminal app, type su...
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    Wrong heap size

    I noticed the heapsize is set at 32. This is not stable for the nexus. Just wanted to point this out.
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    New xml animated transitions(Working on Enom's, CM6.1)

    These all work. Running flyin right now. I would only recommend flyin because the others seems bit overkill. Pure opinion there, but I hate sacrificing speed. You use metamorph to install. Some broke apart the transitions in the middle of the thread. You can get them standalone there.