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    New System lagging since 12.5.5 update (alioth)

    Hello. I have no problem at all using the stable 12.5.4 Rom. When I updated to 12.5.5 the system starts to lag, the lock and unlock sounds take over 4 secconds to play after I lock or unlock my screen... The configs are laggy too, they take over 2 sec to open any setting page. When the 12.5.6...
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    Go back to EU POCO F3

    Hi, I recently installed the Elite Rom Beta but I want to go back to Miui EU Stable. What are the steps? Should I wipe system?
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    Miui 12.0.3 Boot Sound

    Hello, I own a Poco F1 running the 12.0.3 MIUI EU version. How can I enable the boot sound? Tried to put a "PowerOn.ogg" file into system> media> .. But it didnt work. Also even if I download a theme that have a boot animation included, I cant see the option to change it within Themes App...