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    No More Weekly For 4x?

    There are installation instructions in the 7.6.15 release thread, but yeah a factory reset should work (instructions say "format /data"). Root is included (SuperSU)
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    Best Rom For Battery Consumption Prada

    Last MIUI EU ROM for the Redmi 4 is currently "xiaomi.eu_multi_HM4_V8.1.4.0.MCECNDI_v8-6.0", there won't be updates until at least August: From the 7.6.15 thread in forum "MIUI Weekly ROM Releases"
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    Redmi 4x Storage Question After Install Eu Rom

    No, I think 3GB is fine. 3GB leaves some space for future updates, in case Android gets bigger. Repartitioning is quite a difficult task for non-technical users.
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    What Custom Roms Would You Recommend?

    There are a few versions of the Redmi 2: According to the MIUI forums and XDA[1][2]: wt88047, 2014811 or HM2014811 - international 1 and 2GB versions 2014818, HM2014818, or HM2LTE-IN - Indian variant 2014813 or HM2014813 - Chinese variant See if you can find any of these numbers in your "About...
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    Redmi 4x Storage Question After Install Eu Rom

    This should be normal. Your phone's storage space is divided into several partitions. The Android operating system has its own partition ("/system") separate from your files, photos etc. ("/data") Unless you repartition the device still will not change. On my 32GB Redmi 4X I have a little...