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    MIUI 10.2 8.11.15

    This one is for the Mi Max 3 and not the Mi Mix 3. An official TWRP doesn't seem to be available yet, but you could follow the thread on XDA regarding this:
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    MIUI 9 7.10.19

    Maybe try with the default theme, to see if that changes anything?
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    Newest Weekly Mi2s

    That would be 7.6.8 (
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    [tool] Xiaomitool - Xiaomi Rom Changing Made Easy

    Great tool! Have just used it to update my new MI5 without any problems what so ever! Have made a donation to you :)
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    Sim Number

    On my MI4, using the app: the SIM serial number shown, matches what is printed on my SIM card.
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    [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly]

    I assume you can find the TWRP here: Filename: Haven't tested this myself, only having a MI4, so you may need confirmation by someone else as well :)
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    How To Enable Usb Mass Storage On Mi 4i

    I have not tested this myself, but please check this app:
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    [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly]

    Hi. Just installed sMiui 5.7.9 on my MI4 LTE using the updater app, coming from 5.5.29, and is now stuck on sMiui boot logo. Having the stock recovery, both Mi-Recovery 2.0.1 and fastboot works fine, so I'm quite sure that I will get the phone up and running again :) But being an idiot, I...
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    From Mi2 To Mi4

    I have miui v6 on both devices. The principle should be the same.
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    From Mi2 To Mi4

    Hi Gkontos, I have just done the same thing myself, going from MI2 to MI4 phone. I found this guide to work just fine for me :)
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    [rom Kk V6]- Smiui 5.3.20 <<< Aroma | Init.d | Multilang | Center-clock | A Lot More.. >>>

    Thank you for the tip about Morelocale 2!! As a danish Mi2 user (and the danish locale having been removed some months ago), I have been looking for a app like this. Now many of my apps are in danish again :)
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    MULTI 4.9.5

    If there's any chance that the Danish language pack will be re-enabled, I would like to help out as well. I started back in April: After being told that Danish MIUI v5 would not be re-enabled, due to MIUI v6 being released soon, I lost my motivation...
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    MULTI 4.6.27

    I actually started to pick up on the Danish translation back in April, but apparently too late :-( Did some work on it, before being informed that it wouldn't get enabled anyway in MIUI v5, so I stopped again.
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    MULTI 4.6.20

    I picked up on MIUI v5 two months ago but since the Danish translation did not get re-enabled I stopped wasting time on it. As ingbrzy says, it's probably better to start over with a fresh MIUI v6 instead. See also this thread...
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    MULTI 4.5.9

    According to the first post, the Danish translation is still disabled. While I have started working on it, and committed some updates, it still needs lots of work being 9-10 months behind. Can you tell me when it will be activated again?