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  1. Anthony Rosati

    Switching from HTC One X to HTC One week of April-15-2013

    Since waiting for a new MIUI v5 I have decided to move to a new HTC One ... if there is a ROM for HTC One I will definitely be interested as I am not a fan of Blink Feed. I will still visit and my HTC One X will be passed on to a new user with MIUI 3.2.22 ciao for now!
  2. Anthony Rosati


    Anyone know if there are any future plans to get a ROM and root for the Toshiba Excite (7.7) tablet? I have this unit and love it - but it doesn't appear that anyone has developed a ROM or rooted this device yet - mainly due to it's steep price is my guess. Anyway, if anyone can point me in the...