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  1. kuzu115

    New Wrong Country Code

    Rom 7.8.24, MI 5, language slovenian By signin in Mi account is wrong phone country code. For Slovenija is right code 386.
  2. kuzu115

    New Error 7

    Hi! I try to install your last rom in my Armani: I tried via Updater app, direct in TWRP ( and, flashed new Twrp via fastboot, redownloaded rom... Whatever I do result is error7. Can you please search what is the problem...
  3. kuzu115

    New Slovenščina- Sierra Leone

    Hi! In same devices in Settings- Additional settings- Language- Slovenščina (Slovenian) we can see Slovenščina (Sierra Leone). Official international code for Slovenija is Slovenia 386 SI / SVN and for Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 232 SL / SLE. (by Can you fix...