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    Pocophone f1 problems

    Are you high?
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    From beta to stable

    The devs probably can, but they won't and shouldn't. It's just a speculation at this point based on things read on the internet, but it's more than likely going to happen in the next months. Well, that's a personal risk and preference. I woldn't even consider switching Android or MIUI versions...
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    From beta to stable

    It'll probably be MIUI 11 very soon, so you'd be forced to do a clean install not so far away anyway.
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    From beta to stable

    I don't think stable is ever newer than weekly (release date wise only, but that's why it's a stable because it's inferior soft/firm ware wise), so probably no.
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    New WiFi sharing problem

    OK I just didn't hear about this before and it seemed to me like a useless thing (like if you are already connected to a wifi network it means that you know the password and there is no point in another network... ) and overly complicated hardware wise. Hope it gets fixed Cheers
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    New WiFi sharing problem

    Say what now? Even if that's true, which I higly doubt, what exactly would be the point of that? Use the phone as a range extender? :/
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    Pocophone f1 problems

    Since this has nothing to do with an EU ROM, you should really be looking for an answer here -
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    Mi A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro)

    You've been answered very clearly that it's partitioned differently.
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    EU plug replacement (EU PL distributor don't have spare parts??) Mi LED Desk Lamp

    WOW, you even registered just to post this. Is your life really that empty? They said to dispose it in a special place, which means it'll get recycled. You broke the thing, you get mad, you blame the store and invent a hypothetical fake situation just to blame the manufacturer? Duuude. Just...
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    Xiaomi M365 vehicle certification for europe

    Oh, you are really trying hard to disprove that stuck-up myth about germans. You have a nice day too, honey
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    Xiaomi M365 vehicle certification for europe

    Oh, I don't know what are you really here for. Ice cream?
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    Xiaomi M365 vehicle certification for europe

    Why not start your journey on this forum with a quick check of the search function?
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    How to get resources for creating a theme?

    You know how to decompile but can't find an apk? That's a (weird) good one.
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    Google apps not working on a Redmi Note 4

    Was that a clean install? 10.2 was a very long time ago. Are we talking Global ROM or EU ROM? Come on, dude... If we're talking EU ROM, I'd try to install recent gapps and/or a clean ROM install after that is that doesn't work. If Global, you're clearly on the wrong forum.
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    Invalid Incoming SMS sound missed on latest stable

    That's how it is on stables. That's why there are stables. Testing new features is a prerogative of the weekly builds. Also might try a quick search next time before making another useless thread just to feel entitled:
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    What does that mean? Your car has wifi and the phone can't connect to it? Or the phone hotshop is not accesible by the car? How isn't it connecting? Come on dude, make an effort. We can't read your mind.
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    How to change name display in this forum?

    Yeah, and? We can't see your email. We don't care about you email. Even better, you can change the email.
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    How to change name display in this forum?

    Just out of curiosity and to please my ego - why did you register under the wrong name and/or why and how is a new name going to change things?
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    Icons and Buttons
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    Invalid "Find Device Closed Unexpectedly" BOOTLOOP

    This looks to me like a hardware issue.. Does it heat up? Maybe your battery is on it's last leg?