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  1. guille9191

    [rom] Geekvida V1 By @xancin

    Hi guys, on our spanish forum called Moviles dualsim xancin has started development for xiaomi redmi 2 hm2014811 device. The first rom, geekvida v1 has just been released. It is based on the cyanogenmod release for redmi 2 ABOUT THE ROM XPeria keyboard Aded Google apps Lollipop launcher...
  2. guille9191

    Mi Note Pro Stock?

    I open this new thread to follow news about pro version, and to know when will be it avaiable, so if someone has any new please tell here! Thanks i have heared that we wont be able to adquire it until may or june...haha! Lets see...
  3. guille9191

    How To Install Cwm Recovery For Redmi 2 Hm2014811

    Hi guys!! i have modifIed the cwm recovery that was released for the hm2014813, now it is fully comoatible with hm2014811 version, allows the instalation of oficial or unnoficial miui releases. I also made a tutorial to explain how to flash it without losing it in each reboot. Step1: First of...