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    So.. i want to buy some miui themes, anyone managed to buy MiCredits outside china?
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    In Progress FC setting time/date

    got an FC on last 2.12.28 for htc one x when trying to set date in settings time /date anyone ?
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    Enable Root Permission

    hi! is there a way to enable LBESEC (root) trough build.prop or something ? because im cooking my own room and i want to enable it at the first boot thanks
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    Diference betwen Chinese and English

    Hi! i have one question, is there any diference betwen the original chinese miui release and the english release ? like tweaks , fix's, etc .. or its only the translation ? thanks
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    In Progress Alarm Clock bug 2.9.7 ICS

    hi! got some randoms FC's on alarm clock. how to reproduce. set alarm clock change hardware keys to snooze with screen of, when alarm starts, click on volume down / up, it gives an FC and dont snooze, and only stops the alarm when you click OK on FC error. this is on a HOX and 2.9.7...
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    special characters in sms

    anyone has problems with special characters in SMS ? for example im from Portugal and we use special characters like "ç" and "ã" for example .. but the "ç" instead of using 1 character from the 160 per sms .. it uses like 10 ou 15 characters .. if i write the word "coração" instead of...