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    router 4, port 80 forward issue

    Hello, I'm trying to configure my new mi router 4 but if I try to forward port 80 it's give me an error with port conflict, but no other port are forwarded, and issue only for port 80, maybe some conflict with the admin interface? But it's not available from outside ... I have a lot of...
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    from global dev to

    Hello I have the latest available miui global dev for my mi mix 2s, as it will not be update anymore, I would like to use the version, I already have the bootloader unlocked But I would like to backup the apps and the configuration and also the data files, what is the best way to...
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    Miracast Failed On Mi5

    I've a smart TV from lg with webos 2015 model If I try to caso the phone display via Miracast it doesn't connect, I've a mi5 with miui9 I've then tried with my mi4c with also miui9 and it's working, so I've tried to cast the mi5 to Chromecast and it work, so i think that the problem is with the...
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    Mi4c From 5.1 To 7

    Hi, I have a mi4c with 6.10.27 with Android 5.1, I've just updated with the latest with miui9 and Android 7.0, but it doesn't work, just bootloop, so I've flashed back the 6.10.27 but now some Android process crash at boot and make my device unusable so there is a way to make...
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    Change Clock Widget Skin Miui9

    I would like to change only the theme of the clock widget, the one with the weather also, but in the old version of miui If I pinch out I could see an edit button on the top right of the widget, now I can not find it anymore, any suggestion on how to achieve that? Thanks Sent from my MI 5...
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    MIUI 9 7.8.24

    Thanks!!!! Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
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    MIUI 9 7.8.24

    I have a mi5 and the miui9 from last week, now I've received a notification for an update via ota but it will update to or to the official miui? Because ota didn't work for me in miui8 so I don't know if I can download from the app of if I still have to manually install it via twrp
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    MIUI 9 7.8.17

    Same here ... I think they just speed up an animation :( and also no sling toggle
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    Some Questions About Miui 7 On Mi4c

    Where exactly ? I can't i've tried pressing the calendario i can only enable or disable it ... Inviato dal mio Mi-4c utilizzando Tapatalk
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    Some Questions About Miui 7 On Mi4c

    Hello everybody i'm a new and happy owner of a mi4c It's the first experience with miui and i think it's great, but i have some questions about it (I hope this is the right section) 1. The calendar app it's great but it's possible to change the calendar color? I have 3 calendar with a dav...