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  1. tarakbumba

    Unable to set privacy protection password

    After long time beta testing I quit from miui beta global tester team today. Decided to install latest EU stable rom, I set up everything but unable to successfully set privacy protection password. It just won't let me tap "Next" after patter verification step. Anyone faced this issue...
  2. tarakbumba

    8.9.20/8.9.6 fingerprint bug or issue

    Since I begin to use EU rom on my Note 3 Jason device, I'm occasionally unable to unlock phone using fingerprint. This was not an issue with official global rom. Most of the time I see "Couldn't processed fingerprint. Try again" message on lock screen. This happens if I don't use the phone for...
  3. tarakbumba

    Installing stock browser from stock global ROM.

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I installed weekly rom to my Mi Note 3. Everything is smooth. So far so good. Thanks for this nice ROM. I came from global Miui 9.6.2 stable stock ROM and loved to use stock browser. On EU ROM stock browser is different than stock ROM. I want to get and install...