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    Hello, I just bought a Redmi 2 2014811. I flashed the Global Beta rom according to the instructions with Mi flash, this works fine (even got an OTA upgrade from .25 to .31), but I don't see the Dutch language in this rom. I can choose Bahasa Indonesia, Deutch, English, Spanish, French...
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    MIUI Cloud after changing numbers

    Hello, Lately I was travelling and changed my SIM card by a local sim card a few times. Now I'm back in my home country. But now the Xiaomi authenticator asks me to scan a MiID barcode - it looks like it lost some information to generate it's one time passwords. I've searched everywhere but I...
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    New Exchange Calendar

    Hello, Since the new email app, my corporate Exchange calendar is not working anymore. It only seems to work now when you also sync email with your phone. This is not something I want ( i want my work calendar on my phone, but not my work email ). Before, I just enabled "Sync calendar" on my...
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    New Cannot edit or delete IP call (SIP) accounts

    Hello, When you add a SIP account (Phone, settings, more, internet call) and you go to the menu to edit it, settings are empty, and when you re-enter the details, you get an error "protocol cannot be null". Also, there seems to be no way to delete the sip account. Running on MIUI 4.3.28
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    New Phonenumber zone lookup

    Hello, I'm running 4.3.28. When somebody calls you, MIUI will lookup the country and the city somewhere. It seems Belgian mobile numbers wrongly get detected as they are shown from a city called "Liege". +324[6789] would be a mobile number +324[012345] would be a number from the city Liege Is...
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    Remove phone data from MIUI cloud without deleting account

    Hello, I bought a new phone (MI3), before I had a ZTE987. Both phones have MIUI installed, and backup data to the miui cloud, I see both phones in my MIUI account. But now I want to delete the old phone from the cloud. How can I do that without deleting the data from my MI3 ? I can't find a...
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    New 3.11.8 - Place of the icons / folders lost when installed on SD card

    Hello, Thanks for the great new option where you can install apps on the SD card. But if you place the icon of an app that is installed on the SD card, in a folder for example, it will loose it's place when you reboot the phone. Is there a fix for this? Thank you!
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    Charging phone

    Hello, I'm currently running MIUI 3.11.8 on a ZTE v987s for a couple of months now (always been upgrading from previous versions). From the start that I started to use MIUI, I have the problem that my phone won't charge, unless I plug in the charger and reboot the phone. I tried multiple...
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    New Battery charging on a ZTE v987 on 3.9.6

    Hello, I've noticed that sometimes, although the charging light is turned on, the phone does not charge. When I reboot the phone, it starts charging. I *think* it happens when I connect the phone to the computer and connected the SD card as storage but I haven't been able to pinpoint an exact...
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    Hello, I'm using Miui 3.8.23 on a ZTE v987. My phone has 4 GB internal memory and it seems it is divided now in 1GB for apps (system storage) and 2GB internal phone memory (phone storage). I have an SD card that's 32GB. 1) I selected SD memory in the camera menu. However, when I take...
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    Lost settings and layout on 3.8.23 on a ZTE v987

    Hello, I have a ZTE v987 with Miui 3.8.23. I already experienced 2 times an annoying behaviour : after a reboot, I lost most settings (like, email accounts) and I lost the layout I created (icons in folders), all the icons were placed outsite folders. Did anybody experienced this before ...
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    New Camera not silent in silent mode

    Hello, Using miui 3.8.23 english on a ZTE v987. I put the phone in silent mode. I start the camera. The camera is beeping while trying to focus although the phone is set to "silent"
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    Running on ZTE GRAND X Quad V987

    Hello, I'm about to buy a new phone and I plan to run Miui on. I'm in Europe, and for 3G, my provider is using 900/2100 so I'm a bit limited in my choice of phones. Now I've seen that in the latest roms the ZTE V987 (P188F04 is ZTE GRAND X Quad V987). However, I don't entirely understand ...