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  1. LordBli

    Root MIUI 10

    Hi everybody ! Is it possible to root MIUI 10 on MiMix ? And if it is, how ? Thanks a lot ! Best Regards
  2. LordBli

    Xiaomi Mi Mix Ultimate

    Hello ! Here is my problem, i hope that somebody have a solution for my problems. 1 - The first one is my fingerprint sensors works 1/2 on the lockscreen, it's like that since the stable update of the 14 jun 2017. You need to know that the fingerprint sensor works well for unlocking app and...
  3. LordBli

    Bug Fingerprint Sensor

    Hello everybody! Here is the thing, since the last stable update (V8.5.2.0.MAHCNED_v8-6.0), the fingerprint sensor works like 1/2. Do you have a solution?A fix? Thanks a lot! Edit : Ok I have just found the solution. You just need to reconfigure your fingerprint, that's all ! Thanks guys !