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    Checked For Blueborne Attack Vulnerability

    Pleasantly surprised that my Max 2 running beta 7.9.14 ROM is NOT vulnerable to the Blueborne Attack vector. Looks like the vulnerability has been eliminated, at least in my case.
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    Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Phone

    Do you foresee any possibility of having subject phone as part of your portfolio and thus create custom ROMs?
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    Xiaomi Mi Max 2 With 128 Gb Storage

    I plan to buy the Max 2 with 128 Gb internal storage model. Can the EU roms be flashed and operate as normal with this Max 2 variant? No modifications whatsoever? [Edits on 07Sept] I will rephrase the question for better clarity: Do you have the 4gb/128gb variant of the mi max 2? Did you flash...
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    Any Incremental Updates Via Ota?

    Sorry, but I have not found any Incremental OTA update, say from 7.8.24 to 7.8.31 weighing a few hundred mb instead of the full ROM weighing 1 gb+. Any plans of creating those? Mine is a Max 2.