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    Redmi 6 max 1A charge? Really or bug in Global Miui?

    Hi. I test Redmi 6 3/32 Global Version. Official Global Miui 10 Developer with unlocked bootloader. I charge phone 3 different cable and charger 1. QC 2.0 2. QC 3.0 3. From Redmi 6 Box. All charge phone only max 1A! In 2018? Really? Maybe is issue on Global Miui. How work on China Miui or
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    Best rom for Redmi 6 Global Version

    Hello all. What do You think about best rom for Redmi 6 3/32 Global Version. China Miui Developer (Beta) China Miui Stable Global Miui Stable Global Miui Developer (Beta) Developer Stable. Where i find a official twrp for Redmi 6 3/32? How fast unlock bootloader? Can i...