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    New Mi8 lite Bluetooth not streaming Audio

    Mi8 lite is connected to my car via Bluetooth. Calls are working perfectly but music streaming is only working if I disable and re enable music streaming in Bluetooth settings. After that it's working till i disconnect from car. Next time I'm connecting to my car the same Procedere with...
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    Bluetooth Icon

    Hi Team, is it possible to see the Bluetooth Icon only when it's connected to a device like in the normal Android P version. I have Bluetooth always on and don't like to see the icon on the left side of my Mi8 lite all the time. Or is there a way to disable the icon with Bluetooth on? Can...
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    Mi8 lite Bluetooth Icon

    Hi, is it possible to move or hide the Bluetooth icon on my Mi8 lite. Problem is that I use the modification Mod and with Bluetooth enabled some icons (whatsapp for example) are cut off. If Bluetooth is disabled and the icon not shown the icons are normal. Thanks a lot.
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    Themes in Miui 10

    Is it possible to change the settings drop down theme in Miui 10? Mine is always the standard white one with Grey or blue buttons. How can I change it? Tried to apply several themes. Everything is changing except the drop down. Thanks a lot! Mi 6 is my phone. Drop down is always looking...
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    Google Assistant Not Speaking

    Hi everybody, I have a problem with my Google assistant. If I say tell me a joke the Google assistant will speak to me and tell me a joke which I can hear over the speakers. If I say who is the president of the United States the assistant is not speaking to me. Its only written down that...
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    Smart Unlock And Bluetooth Problem

    Hi everyone, can please tell us someone from the developer Team why smart unlock is not working with location or Bluetooth (except mi band) since months or longer. No reaction on this, either in the official forums or here. It's a normal function of Android....nothing special. The same with...
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    Bluetooth Bug And Smart Lock

    Hi everyone, is it possible to fix the annoying Bluetooth Problem with my cars Handsfree. Have to disable and enable Bluetooth a few times a day to connect to my car. Yes, I wiped everything tried many roms and did a clean install but it's always the same. Please fix this...